Stop or Slow down

Turn towards experience or Take notice of breathing

bserve with Openness (thoughts, sensations, emotions, urges) (Diamond of Experience)

Pleasantness (notice Pleasant, unPleasant, or neutral feeling tone)


Allow it to be as it is, Accept the ACHE is here or (Anchoring to present with breathing)

Compassion/Curiosity/Common Humanity

Hold the experience with warmth– bring Hand to Heart or Holding touch

Expand awareness from ACHE to breathing, then to the body, then to all the senses.


Gratitude (that there is something you can do) then Grounding in values

Open to life, its challenges and its beauty, Orient towards experience with kindness

Copyright © Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD


Find a comfortable posture. Take a few slow, easy breaths. Let your eyes close partially or fully. Place a hand over your heart, or anywhere it is soothing, to bring affectionate awareness to yourself and your experience.

Let yourself notice the simple sensation of breathing wherever you can feel it most easily. Just feel your breath for a while with curiosity and tenderness.

When your mind wanders, gently escort it back to the sensations of breathing, like redirecting a puppy or a child who has wandered off.

Notice and feel your whole body breathe. Allow your body to be internally moved by the rising and falling of the breath. There is nothing you need to do.

Now release the breath, and allow everything that comes to awareness to be just as it is, just for now. Slowly and gently open your eyes.

Adapted from Germer & Neff (2014)