Nancie Rouleau, Ph.D is a Research Associate at CMC and the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.  She is a professor of Neuropsychology at the School of Psychology at Laval University in Quebec City (Canada). As a board-certified neuropsychologist and psychologist (APA, OPQ), she has been involved in research and clinical care for children with ADHD and other psychopathologies at hospitals as well as in her private practice.

She is the director of MANDALAB (Mindfulness AND Attention LAB) at the CERVO Brain Research Center in Quebec. Her research focuses on mindfulness, compassion and cognition in children. She has studied the cognitive characterization of children with ADHD and developed a mindfulness-based cognitive remediation program (PEACE), which is currently implemented in primary schools. Her team is examining the impact of meditation and yoga practices on attention and executive function development. She is also interested in providing empirically-based interventions for self-compassion, mindfulness, and parental stress related to ADHD.

She is co-investigator of the MINDFUL-PC project, and focuses primarily on the impact of the program on cognitive functioning of participants.