Timothy Harrison, Associate Director for CBCT® at the Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics at Emory University, oversees the center’s programs, including the teacher certification process and implementation of CBCT for research purposes.

As a Senior Instructor, Tim has taught clinicians at the Cleveland Clinic and the Cambridge Health Alliance, as well as nurses through the Emory Nursing Professional Development Center. He has taught CBCT to teens in foster care, incarcerated individuals, college students and HIV+ patients. Ongoing courses include CBCT for students at the Emory School of Medicine, chaplain residents in Emory’s hospitals, and teachers in the Atlanta Public Schools.

Tim has consulted on a number of peer-reviewed published research projects with special populations, including veterans with PTSD, breast cancer survivors, and parents of autistic children. He also directs the implementation of CBCT as part of a 5-year research grant funded by the US Department of Education for training and supporting new public school teachers.

Tim has a Master’s degree from Harvard University and practiced different forms of meditation for two decades before training in CBCT.