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Symposium on Technology-Assisted Meditation at Harvard University

Saturday, September 29th, 2018
8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Location:  Harvard University Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

Join us for an experiential and collaborative day that embodies connection, discovery, and awareness. This symposium will include panel and group discussions, movement, reflection and interactive experiences related to ethics, safety, innovation, outcomes, and  impact on development of children and teens.

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Bashar Badran, PhD, Neuroscientist, City College New York and U.S. Army Research Laboratories, Co-Founder/CEO, Bodhi NeuroTech

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, Director of Research and Innovation and Associate Professor, Mindfulness Center, Brown University School of Public Health

Willoughby Britton, PhD, Director, Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, Brown University, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University Medical School

Nicole Cardoza, Founder, Yoga Foster, Product Lead, Mind Yeti

Ausiàs Cebolla, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Personality, Assessment and Psychological Treatments, University of València (Spain)

Wen Chen, MMSc, PhD, Acting Branch Chief, Basic and Mechanistic Research Branch, Division of Extramural Research, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), NIH, DHHS

Tara Cousineau, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Founder, BodiMojo Inc, Consulting Chief Science Officer to Whil.com, a digital meditation training company

Norman Farb, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Regulatory and Affective Dynamics Laboratory, University of Toronto Mississauga

Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH, Associate Professor & Associate Research Director, Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche, PhD, Head of the Trungram lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Founder and Spiritual Leader, Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing

Inna Khazan, PhD, BCB, Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, Harvard Medical School, Founder, Arete Institute for Performance Excellence  

Vitaly Napadow, PhD, LAc, Director, Associate Professor, Center for Integrative Pain NeuroImaging (CiPNI), Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH, Harvard Medical School

Holly Rogers, Co-Founder, The Center for Koru Mindfulness

Jay Vidyarthi, UX/UI Director - Collaborator with Muse, Sonic Cradle, A Mindful Society, Brightmind + more


Richa Gawande, PhD, Research and Programs Manager, CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion

Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD, Executive Director and Research Director, CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion


8:30 - 9:00                Registration / Exhibitors / Networking
9:00 - 11:00              Introduction: Learning, Engagement, Connection, and Practice (Richa Gawande, Zev Schuman-Olivier)
Talk 1:
Technology-Assisted Meditation: Hype, Harm, or Help? (Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche)
Panel 1:
Enhancing Delivery of Mindfulness for Chronic Pain (Paula Gardiner, Vitaly Napadow)
Q&A / Break / Mindful Movement

11:00 - 12:00  Panel 2:
Sensors Guiding the Path? (Judson Brewer, Norman Farb)
Triad Discussion / Q&A / Mindful Movement

12:00 - 1:00              Lunch catered by Clover with vegan and vegetarian options / Exhibitors / Networking
(12:25 - 1:00) Experiential Biofeedback Session with Inna Khazan

1:00 - 3:00                Talk 2: Meditation Safety: Some Things to Consider As We Go Digital (Willoughby Britton)
Triad Discussion / Q&A
Panel 3:
Meditation Technology for Changing Our Minds and Hearts
(Jay Vidyarthi, Ausiàs Cebolla, Bashar Badran)
Q&A / Break / Mindful Movement

3:00 - 3:55 Panel 4:
Developmental Implications for Children and Youth
(Nicole Cardoza, Holly Rogers, Tara Cousineau)
Triad Discussion

3:55 - 4:10 Talk 3:
Future of Mind-Body Research at NIH (Wen Chen)
4:10 -5:00 Writing Exercise / Q&A / Conclusion

5:00 - 5:30                Exhibitors / Networking


Registration: $175. Continuing Education credit applications pending for social workers, psychologists, and nurses. CEs will be available for an additional $25. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. 

Harvard and Cambridge Health Alliance Faculty and Staff 50% Discount Available.
Tuition Reimbursement available for benefits-eligible CHA employees!
Student, POC, and need-based scholarships available - please apply at: www.chacmc.org/scholarship
Please email us at cmc@challiance.org for information.

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Learning Objectives: By the end of this symposium, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the main types of technology-assisted meditation innovation.

  • Describe common applications and outcomes for evaluating the use of technology-assisted meditation in clinical populations and for youth.

  • Understand important safety and ethical implications of technology-assisted meditation, and how they may relate to education, medicine, leadership, inclusion/accessibility, community organizing, and health.

Questions? Contact Bridget Kiley:  617-591-6132 or cmc@challiance.org



Hosted by the CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)

Sponsored by Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing, Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy and Harvard Center for Wellness and Health Promotion