MySafeRx Mobile Recovery Program

is a medication adherence monitoring platform as part of an innovative treatment program for opioid use disorder. The MySafeRx intervention uses an Android mobile device application to integrate four key components into a novel platform for delivering remote, directly observed medication adherence monitoring of Buprenorphine (BUP) to individuals with opioid use disorder. These key components include the following: (1) mobile-based, confidential text messaging; (2) a secure electronic pill organizer system; (3) videoconference-based coaching with daily brief motivational interventions using empathic and compassionate motivational interviewing techniques and 4) a standardized protocol for supervised self-administration of medication and notification of clinicians when medication is missed. By offering a comprehensive, remotely-delivered program for supervised self-administration of medication, this program offers to provide a higher level of care for vulnerable populations during periods of instability, such as transition from inpatient detox or residential treatment, BUP induction, and/or after lapse to substance use.

The MySafeRx intervention capitalizes on the daily clinical opportunity for engagement and monitoring that occurs during medication-taking, offering an adjunctive motivational, compassion-based recovery coaching opportunity that may enhance the potency of standard treatment, especially for vulnerable populations.

We have conducted pilot studies of MySafeRx through a NIDA-funded Center for Technology and Behavioral Health pilot grant and a NIDA R34, which demonstrated high levels of medication adherence among high-risk young adults with OUD and 50% reduction in illicit opioid use, while enhancing engagement and retention in buprenorphine treatment. Two ongoing grants support the MySafeRx platform. One clinical trial is supported by a NIDA R34 grant, with a study site at Cambridge Health Alliance, recruiting from Boston’s Metro North region. Another project is supported by a CDC R01 grant focused on post-detox overdose prevention for a clinical trial located at the University of Southern Florida in Tampa, Florida.

We are currently recruiting CHA patients and other individuals already enrolled in Buprenorphine treatment or seeking to initiate treatment for opioid use disorder. Click here for eligibility requirements and contact information. If you are a CHA patient or individual interested in participating in the MySafeRx research study, please contact us!

Email:, call 617-591-8730 or visit for more information.


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