Mindful Mental Health Service (MMHS)

Mindfulness-Based Mental Health
at the CHA Department of Outpatient Psychiatry

Introduction to Mindfulness Groups
(One Hour)

• Get a sense of exactly what mindfulness is.

• Learn how mindfulness can help you to respond instead of reacting to the circumstances of your life including pain, illness or just everyday stress.

• Try out selected practices in a small group.


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Groups
(8 Weeks)

• Observe the relationship between your thoughts and your mood and navigate the landscape of your mind and body.

• Stop fighting with your mood and become more aware of its character.

• Develop more calm and ease with your emotions and the storms that sometimes accompany anxiety and depression.


Strengthening Your Practice Alumni Groups

• Dive deeper into the practices you have already learned in an 8 week program.

• Ask questions and practice with others in a supportive atmosphere with a mindfulness group leader.

Ask your CHA provider for a referral, or call 617-591-6055 for more information.