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Mindfulness Training for Primary Care

General Information for participants of MINDFUL-PC

Mindfulness practices benefit many different health conditions, particularly depression, anxiety, chronic illness, pain and various kinds of stress. MINDFUL-PC is an ongoing research study into how mindfulness practices in primary care can improve our health outcomes. 

MINDFUL-PC meets once a week for 8 weeks, from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Mindfulness Training in Primary Care (Mindful-PC) Group 

Up to 12 participants join each group. Two CHA providers lead. Following a specially-designed curriculum,you’ll learn a broad range of formal and informal new practices each week.You’ll practice these, then, if you like, talk about your experience with the group. An optional (but recommended!) full-day Saturday retreat comes towards the end of the training.

Research Study

Research grants make this study possible. Your participation will enable others in primary care to gain Mindfulness skills and their proven benefits.

The group itself is NOT research – the curriculum and facilitation are based on a well-established clinical program. Our research focuses on how to adapt this curriculum to achieve maximum benefit within primary care settings. 

Voluntary Participation

Your decision whether to participate will NOT affect your care here at CHA.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 617-591-6055, mindfulPC@challiance.org

Agreeing to Participate in the Study Means:

  • You’ll complete a series of online surveys over 6 months: 3 longer surveys (30-40 minutes) and 12 short (5-minute) surveys, and small daily surveys

  • You’ll come to two 40-minute computer visits, in person, at 1035 Cambridge Street, Cambridge.

  • You’ll Track your health with a Smartphone app* through the short daily surveys mentioned above for 3 weeks.

*A smartphone is required for participation in this study. 


Up to $350 in Gift Cards is awarded to you for completing your tasks. This will be sent out at various points during the study. Some participants can receive up to another $100 for attending two brain imaging (fMRI) sessions. This is an optional component; some people aren’t eligible for fMRI.


Everyone joining the study is “randomized” by computer. We follow everyone joining the study for six months. We call all participants regularly and provide ongoing support via email.

Two-thirds of our recruits participate in training right away. But one out of three people go into a “control” or “wait-list” group. They will do all study requirements and receive compensation, but their 8-week skills training comes after the first six months. Wait-listers all receive a list of local and online mindfulness resources, and are free to use them if they wish.  In addition, once Wait-listers complete their surveys, their research obligations are done.

We can’t emphasize enough how important our Wait-listers are to the study. Without them, we couldn’t conduct a “randomized controlled trial” - a kind of study that’s the heart of robust, reliable research. We are very grateful that all of you agree to help us make this study work.

Within two days of Orientation we’ll tell you whether you are on the wait-list or will immediately get your training.

Payment: Insurance and Co-Pays

We’re the only site in the nation offering insurance-backed mindfulness groups, billed to your insurance as “group psychotherapy” through Cambridge Health Alliance. You may have a copay each week, or you might get billed later. The copays are usually 0-$30, just as you’d pay for primary care visits. Please confirm with your insurance provider what your own co-pay situation is. The billing code for the group is 90853. 

If you’ve been scheduled for a “Behavioral Health Group Evaluation,” please tell your insurance provider that  the code for this appointment is 90791.


Center for Mindfulness & Compassion, 1035 Cambridge Street, Suite 21A, Cambridge, MA 02141



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