Frequently Asked Questions

Mindfulness for Resilience and Balance in Work and Life for Busy Professionals
6-week live online course

 1. I want to participate, but I am concerned about confidentiality with web conferencing technology. Am I protected? 

This program uses Zoom Web Conferencing, which is encrypted end-to-end. Further, the sessions will not be recorded. Also, technology aside, privacy and confidentiality among participants are emphasized as a significant ground rule at the beginning of the first class and maintained throughout. 

2. Do I have to share personal details about my life? 

While some people may choose to share some aspects of their lives, this course is not about that. First and foremost, it is an opportunity for you to learn mindfulness practices, which include guided meditations and opportunities for you to share about these specific meditation experiences. You will never be forced to share personal details nor made to feel uncomfortable if you choose to be quiet. 

3. What if there is someone I know in this program? 

If you feel uncomfortable with the composition of the group after joining, then you can discuss this with the teacher. Of course, you can withdraw if you think that is necessary. However, we have found that having friends or colleagues with you actually enhances the experience since they can act as a ready support for the new practices you are learning. In fact, for this reason, as you consider registering, you may want to invite people you know to join with you. Attending on your own is good too, as the obstacles commonly faced by legal professionals encourages bonds to form among participants.

4. What if I need to miss a session? 

We encourage you to attend all sessions. Obvious to say it, but the stronger the commitment to attending, the more you will get out of it. However, we realize that life is very busy. As long as you are doing your best, that is enough. You will still be given the home practice assignment after the missed session and you can reach out to the teacher to discuss what you missed if you think that would be helpful. 

5. I’m a legal professional. Will I be asked to talk about matters I am working on at the office? 

This program deals with the unique physical, psychological, and emotional needs of legal professionals in light of the kinds of interactions that are likely to occur. It is not about the specific legal issues you may be confronting in your work. At no point during the program do we expect that any matter you are working on will be discussed. Given the attorney-client privilege, it would be inappropriate for you to mention issues that fall under that constraint. 

6. I am very busy already. How will I find time to add this program to my crazy schedule? 

Taking on a new thing is hard. This could be perceived as yet one more thing to do. However, most participants find that committing this time to mindfulness in the way we are presenting it allows for a much more productive and fulfilling work life after the program. The feedback we get is that it is time well spent.