We are so glad that you have chosen to participate in the MBCT group, co-led by Todd Griswold and Jessika Bailey.

The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8 from 6:00pm - 8:15pm in room 4B11 on the fourth floor of Central Street Care Center, 26 Central Street, Somerville MA. Parking is available in the Main Central St Parking lot, across from 26 Central St. Somerville, 01243 where the group will take place..

When you arrive at Central Street, please go to the registration desk on the third floor to check in for your appointment before joining the group (even if running late) and then proceed to 4B11 on the fourth floor.

If you are late please enter the room quietly, take a seat and join us wherever we are in the session. If you know you will not be able to make a session, please let us know in advance the week before. If it is the same day, kindly call and leave a message for Todd or Jessika at 617-575-5767.

The group will meet Tuesdays 6 PM to 815 from October 8 through December 3. There will be no meeting 11/26 the week of Thanksgiving, and there will be an all-day session on Saturday November 23 from 9am-4pm which may include other participants from other mindfulness groups at CHA.

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will sometimes be lying down on yoga mats or sitting on cushions.  You are invited to make yourself comfortable. You are not expected to sit on the floor or lie down if that is not your best position!

Each week we will begin the group with one of several mindfulness practices. Home practice will involve a 30 to 40 minute commitment (discussed in the first session).  You will have recordings to use for home practice between groups. To access recordings on the internet, go to:


Password:  MBCT2018 

If you need CD recordings instead of an internet link, please let us know and we will provide those. Keep in mind, the more you put into this group the more you will get out of it.

We also hope that you will participate in the discussions about your practice experience. Even though this is a therapeutic group, it is not the type of group therapy that focuses on details about the past or specific recent events. Instead, we invite you to share your current and present moment experience. For those who are natural talkers, we invite you to hold back just a little to make room for all. If you are someone who rarely shares, we invite you to challenge yourself to be an active participant. 

Reminders for each session:

  • Bring your binder and a pen to every session.

  • Following each session, you will be given assignments for home practice. Each session has a number of handouts which include summaries of what we do in group and other helpful information.

  • At the end of each section there is a home practice record sheet for you to keep track of how you were doing home practice.  We would like you to keep those current and hand them into us at the beginning of each group.

  • If you miss a group, it is your responsibility to make the effort to look over the handouts and try to do the home practice as best you can.

With warm regards,

Todd Griswold and Jessika Bailey