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Mindfulness Programs for the Workplace

We provide customized onsite workshops and extensive training programs to align with your organization’s mission and values.

Our approach is a combination of cognitive and experiential learning that is built upon evidence-based programming currently used at our Center. We also have a special focus on inclusion and diversity in healthcare.

Training formats:

We customize all of our workshops to meet your organization's unique needs.

  • One-hour, half-day or multi-day workshops

  • Six Week Training Program: More in-depth experience for developing mindfulness skills. Group classes meet one hour a week for 6 weeks.


Mindfulness can be of great help in a work environment. Sometimes, we can feel out of control or overwhelmed. I now have a greater ability to put work stress into perspective, to notice it, and am able to move on from it in a productive manner.” - MIT Press participant

“This program helped me identify ways to reframe some challenging work relationships and patterns. Work is difficult enough without feeling adversarial with coworkers. It helped me rethink my overall work/life balance and it continues to improve my life.” - MIT Press participant

One of the most valuable parts of this training for me was learning that mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts but re-focusing on the present.” - Triumvirate Environmental participant

I would recommend this program to others. I really enjoyed actually practicing the exercises.” - America’s Test Kitchen participant

Our instructor:

Jody Daniels, MBA
Workplace Mindfulness Project Manager
Senior Instructor


Jody Daniels has practiced mindfulness since 2008 and has trained at the world-renowned Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at UMass Medical School. She earned her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management from Boston University.

Jody has over eight years’ clinical experience as a psychiatric social worker at academic medical centers. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, teaching Leadership in the graduate Healthcare Management program. She is a former senior V.P. with over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources and Marketing Communications.

Why should employees practice mindfulness?

  • Clarify priorities

  • Renew energy

  • Increase overall wellbeing

  • Greater capacity for self-compassion

  • Improve performance and job satisfaction

  • Better ability to manage anxiety and stress

  • Improve relationship through enhanced listening skills


Jody Daniels:
CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion: 617-591-6132

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