Lauri Kein, LICSW: Since participating in the MBSR Eight week Practicum in 2003 Lauri has been committed to bringing Mindfulness training to as many folks as possible. In her experience nothing has been more fruitful or life changing than finding the ease and fresh perspective that practice brings to everything in life.

Lauri strongly believes that it is essential to nurture one’s own practice in order to be the best possible teacher. She regularly attends seven day Meditation Retreats at Insight Meditation Society to enrich and deepen her practice. She makes ever effort to embody the kind of kindness and curiosity that she is encouraging in others.

Recently, she was instrumental in developing the Mindful Mental Health Service at Cambridge Health Alliance, teaching MBCT in the outpatient Psychiatry Clinic as well as developing Introductory programs for patients who are not yet ready for an eight week intensive.

Lauri offers MBSR, MBCT and MSC groups and shorter Mindfulness and Self Compassion workshops near Hingham, Massachusetts.

She lives very close to the sea and enjoys the salt air, making art and nurturing her gardens.

Professional and Academic Experience:

• Psychotherapist in private practice for 35 years.

• Adjunct Faculty at Lesley University

• Research Instructor for MBCT and MBSR at Mass General Hospital and the Miriam Hospital