Jillian D. Burley, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist and a Regional Clinical Manager in the Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration (PCBHI) Program at Cambridge Health Alliance.  Her role includes providing consultation to interdisciplinary providers, individual and group psychotherapy, and training/supervising medical and psychology interns and fellows. The integration of primary care and behavioral health is a mission she wholeheartedly supports given the hope of increasing access to mental health services for communities, de-stigmatizing psychological issues, and expanding overall definitions of "health" in medical settings to include the body and the mind as inseparable. Jillian has long held a personal interest in employing mindfulness-based interventions and practice in psychotherapy, and trained in facilitation of Mindfulness Training in Primary Care (MTPC) groups in 2015. Jillian maintains her own regular practice, and enjoys integrating mindfulness within her professional roles as therapist and supervisor.