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Free Lecture: Self-Compassion for Parents

Self-Compassion for Parents

with Susan Pollak, MTS, EdD

Parenting is hard. We never feel that we are getting it right or doing enough. That's why self-compassion is so important. Join mindfulness expert and CHA psychologist Susan M. Pollak to learn how parents can let go of constant self- judgment and treat themselves with the same kindness and caring they strive to offer their kids. This talk will teach the theory and research on compassion and offer simple yet powerful guided meditation techniques that are easy to practice while doing the dishes, driving to work, soothing a fussy baby, or arguing with a teen. Parents will learn to respond to their own imperfections like a supportive friend—not a harsh critic. In the process, they not only will find themselves happier and more energized, but also will discover new reserves of patience and appreciation for their kids.

At the end of this event, participants will be able to:

1. Learn the theory and research behind self-compassion.

2. Learn how to respond to their imperfections like a supportive and kind friend.

3. Learn how to practice self-compassion during a difficult interaction with a child.

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